Latest Obsession: Driftwood Furniture

There’s something really visually stunning about the natural curvature of driftwood furniture. As much we love it, though, we know it can be tricky incorporating the rawness of its lines into a home that isn’t completely centered around the feel of a beach house.

Making a bold statement with driftwood while still staying true to your home’s aesthetic is possible, and here’s three rooms that do a great job at it:


These contemporary Lucite dining chairs let the dining table’s base be the showcase of the room. {source}


By mixing traditional lines with natural elements and finishes, a nice balance is achieved. {source}


An eclectic mix of Chinoiserie, bohemian and modern make for an elegant but fun living room. {source}

 Which room most resembles your home’s style? Tell us in the comments section!

xoxo, True