Cold Weather Comfort Food

One of the comforts of colder weather is the natural accompaniment of comfort foods, and this season, we’re embracing a dish that’s native to northern Italy: risotto. Traditionally cooked in some sort of broth and served al dente, this creamy rice dish can be made savory or sweet.

Here’s 5 of our personal favorites:

Find their recipes below:

Gordon Ramsay’s Wild Mushroom Risotto via Red Online

Baked Risotto with Butternut Squash, Pine Nuts and Sage via Simply Delicious

Carrot Risotto with Mint Pesto and Feta via Nothing But Delicious

Lobster Risotto via Dessert for Two

Sweet Strawberry Risotto via Whole Foods

xoxo, True



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  1. I have cooked a butternut squash risotto & it was delicious. Risotto is a family favorite in our house. Thank you for posting some interesting variations

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    1. True says:

      You’re welcome, Maria! Thanks for reading. 🙂 The butternut squash risotto looks so delicious, but we’re really wanting to try that lobster. There’s something about the richness paired with creamy that sounds good.


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