When Lighting is Key

One of the most important things to consider when composing a room’s design is lighting. We’re partial to chandeliers and find that through the use of them, three critical things happen:

The eye is drawn up.

image via Brilliant Interiors

Drawing the eye upwards has it benefits, especially in smaller spaces that can appear larger by implementing design elements vertically. This foyer’s tall ceilings are showcased through the use of a large chandelier.

Defined spaces are created.

image via Style at Home

This dining room’s chandelier helps to create a prescribed eating area that’s separate from the rest of the space. This approach is especially useful in open living plans or multi-function rooms.

A room’s aesthetic is reinforced.

image via homedit

By using a very specific color, shape and style for an overhanging fixture, a room’s aesthetic can be either reinforced or undermined. This bathroom’s black candelabra chandelier instantly creates drama and ties back into the rest of the space’s look and feel.

xoxo, True


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bailey Dunn says:

    These are great ideas for lighting. However, I plan to have some blinds over my windows. I know it’ll kill a bit of lighting in rooms, but will that work because I’m aiming for a dramatic lighting effect? Any helpful reply will be appreciated!


    1. True says:

      Thanks, Bailey! The impact that’s going to have on your space totally depends on what and how many forms of non-natural sources of light you have. We always like lighting sources that vary in height and are dispersed throughout a space. Does that answer your question?


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