Styling 101: Updating Your Mantel

Whether it’s brought on by the New Year or just an urge to update your decor, changing up your mantel design can infuse a totally different feel into a space. Knowing the basics of styling an aspect of a room that’s all too often a focal point is critical, and that’s why we’ve outlined 3 core tips to make your redecorating that much easier. Don’t have a mantel? Apply these tricks to a styled ledge in your space.

Create a center point for the gaze to go first.

2015-08-20 - whiteelecticlivingroom.jpg
This circular mirror serves as an anchor for the rest of the mantel’s accessories. image via Apartment Therapy

Vary height, depth + dimension.

Accessories that contrast each other in height and shape make for a more dimensional display. image via Domaine Home

Balance is key.

This mantel is styled in a triangle shape, the highest point at its center with a gradual descent at each end. image via Domaine Home


xoxo, True


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