Sweet Serenity: Getting the Bedroom You Want

Making the most of your sleeping space is one of the wisest investments you’ll make. To simplify things, we’ve outlined five easy design tactics to help your create the bedroom of your dreams:

Clear out clutter: By far the most important step, clearing out the clutter instantly allows for light and energy to flow into spaces that were once occupied. This energy, more commonly referred to as chi or “life’s breath” in Feng Shui, is a necessary component in living a balanced and happy life.


image via House and Garden

Meaningful objects: Going hand-in-hand with clearing out the clutter, filling your space with meaningful items will contribute to the degree of calmness you feel while in it.

image via Elle Decor

Lighting: A well thought out lighting plan pays off in the long run. Overhead fixtures are an obvious choice, but don’t forget about bedside additions that add a sense of convenience.

image via Lonny

Stick to soothing colors: Avoid harsh tones like red that can evoke a negative sentiment. If you love color, create a neutral backdrop by sticking to cooler shades like blue or green and accessorizing with doses of brights. Earthier shades instantly create warmth but can easily make a sleeping space feel dark and depressing if not used wisely.

image via My Domaine

Invest in rich fabrics: High-quality textiles are a must in the bedroom. Considering the fact that, on average, you spend a little over a third of your day in bed, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. For a feeling of luxury, choose a texture rich option like velvet. Opt for cottons if you prefer airier settings that incorporate breathable fabrics.

image via My Domaine

What’s one of the first things you’d like to tackle in your bedroom? Tell us in the comments section.

xoxo, True


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  1. snickledpink says:

    Great tips! I anticipate achieving exactly what you describe with these tips!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True says:

      Thanks, SnickledPink! We love hearing about the design adventures of our readers so keep us posted on how it goes. 🙂


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