Style Files: Small Entryways

Carving out a practical space at your entryway, regardless of how small it is, is a must. Your foyer is a guest’s introduction to your home, so making a point to implement design elements that are reflective of your tastes is critical to keeping the design of your home cohesive from start to finish. Here’s 10 entryways that do a fantastic job of  creating stylish yet functional spaces for themselves:

image via Apartment Therapy
image via Domino
image via Waiting On Martha
image via Devon Rachel
image via Decorating Your Small Space
image via Lonny
image via Somewhere Lately
image via Elle Decor 
image via Domino
image via My Domaine

What are some ways you like to define your style in your entryway? Tell us in comments section.

xoxo, True


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love entrances, sets the tone for the whole building. A good place to be creative as you are not committing to a room, but a place to pass thorough and glimpse from doorways.

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    1. True says:

      We agree! It’s the perfect place to set the mood for the rest of your home.


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