The Four Design Trends of 2016 We Love

It’s a little over a month into 2016 and we’ve already settled on our favorite design trends. Just like anything else though, incorporating the new into your existing interiors takes skill. Here’s four of our 2016 design picks and how to make them a part of your space:

Oversized Art (Domino)

image via My Domaine
image via South Shore Decorating Blog
image via Honestly WTF

Replacing the more popular idea of the gallery wall, oversized art adds impact. Making itself the focal point of a room, it’s a more contemporary approach to display. Easily add this trend to a space by working around your room’s color scheme. Identify your primary colors and select a piece that incorporates one or two of those shades.

Tropical Leaf Prints (Lonny)

image via Apartment Therapy
image via Homey Oh My!
image via Love Chic Living

Incorporating such a bold print into your home can be intimidating, but don’t feel like you can’t do it in doses. Make it work on textiles or a throw pillow. Using this pattern in a cooler tone like green in bathroom & kitchen spaces adds a punch of color without making the room feel dark and cramped.

The Formal Dining Room (Elle Decor)

image via Design Sponge
image via Brit + Co
image via My Domaine

Commonly misunderstood as having a too traditional feel to it, the formal dining room has officially made its comeback. More people are embracing the idea of at-home entertaining, and with that, dining spaces have witnessed their own resurrection.

Mismatched Minimalism (Apartment Therapy)

add color without painting
image via Apartment Therapy
image via Design Sponge
image via aestate

Mismatched minimalism is the less is more approach to design that steers clear of blandness. By mixing and matching pieces that vary in origin, age and style, you can add some major flavor to your home without filling it with clutter. To get this look, incorporate only pieces you love and combine soft and harsh lines. Add subtle pops of color with accessories.

Which of these trends can you see yourself taking on in 2016? Tell us in the comments section.

xoxo, True


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