Bold Geometry + How to Make it Work For You

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Art Deco influenced elements have become popular in design again, and you won’t find any complaints here. Our favorite trait that seems to be typical of this period’s style is the avid use of geometry. We love the thought of getting bold with angular patterns. There’s really no better way to do this than by using a wallpaper or tile as your vehicle to get there.

Here’s 4 ways you can make a geometric pattern work in your space:

Add in natural elements.

image via Erin Williamson Design

Natural elements that pair well with angular patterns are wood, stones like marble and agate and even fibrous materials like jute and seagrass. Adding greenery can do the trick also. These help make a geometric pattern feel a little less like something you’d find in an airport bathroom.

image via 100 Layer Cake

Juxtapose with rounded edges.

image via My Domaine

If you’re working with sharp lines, a general rule of thumb is to strike a balance by incorporating curved or rounded edges.

image via Homegirl London

Use warm metals.

image via The Decorista


Brassy metals instantly infuse warmth into a space. This is helpful in a room that has a ton of geometric lines since too many angles (in any space) can come off as cold and a bit sterile.

image via My Domaine

Get monochromatic.

image via The Decoist

Working with a singular color is the easiest way to make a heavily patterned floor or wallpaper work in your home. This leaves little room for error since you’re taking a more parred down approach.

image via PlastoLux

Would you be brave enough to incorporate a geometric pattern in your home? What would stop you? Tell us in the comments section.

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