Trending in Textiles: Guatemalan Fabrics

Picking out a new sofa is the equivalent of committing yourself to a long-term relationship. Whether or not you realize it, that piece of furniture has the power to dictate the entire feel of your space. Considering all your options is usually the best route to go. We tend to appreciate things with history and a sense of charm that comes with age, so we’re partial to antiques or vintage items. The natural wear and tear that comes with an older piece is the less appealing part of the deal.

Find a great resource on customer experiences with reupholstering here. image via Apartment Therapy

Reupholstering something with good bones is one of our favorite things to witness. The 2016 textile trend we’re completely embracing is the use of Guatemalan fabrics in interior design, as seen in House Beautiful.

image via House Beautiful

Possibly only appropriate for the less timid types when being used on larger furniture items, the striking patterns and bold colors could also be incorporated into your space with accessories (our favorite gift from the design gods).

These tasseled poufs, found here and here, were done in a fabric that’s similar to those traditionally found in Guatemala.



Would you be brave enough to incorporate Guatemalan textiles into your space? Tell us in the comments section.

xoxo, True


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